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Hello from Silver Spring Day School!

We like to think of it as our “urban retreat.”  The campus is nestled in the middle of a convenient, prime location in Silver Spring.  You’ll find the majority of our students here, creating a hustle of activity in multiple classrooms for each age group.  The hallways are lined with masterpieces created by little hands… through the double doors, you’ll hear the sounds of little voices in music class… and just outside, you’ll find parents lingering, creating the community feel that makes SSDS so special.

At the heart of the UC is our fantastic natural outdoor playground right in the middle of 4 Corners.  SSDS is leading the way in the state of Maryland, as schools begin to create a natural space where there was once plastic, metal and asphalt.  The centerpiece of the playground is the life-sized magical dragon, carved right on site from an old oak tree by one of the nation’s most famous carvers, Jim Calder.  It’s a delight to watch the kids climb on, jump off, and even rest on the dragon’s massive wood body.  Come check us out and see for yourself!

The school is located in the Marvin Memorial United Methodist Church.