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Silver Spring Day School (SSDS) is a parent participatory school that was first established in 1971 as an educational program for three and four year olds. Originally known as the Luther Rice Community Nursery and later known as Luther Rice Cooperative Preschool, the program was run by the Baptist church and the children were from families who belonged to the church’s congregation. Over the years the school evolved into a cooperative community preschool, running independently from the church with the blessing of the Church’s trustees and congregation.

In 2002, the school began the process of becoming an approved private school licensed through the Maryland State Department of Education. The approval was granted in 2003.

In 2004, the preschool and the church agreed that it was best for the school to become its own entity and the school was renamed the Silver Spring Day School.  The preschool incorporated under its new name, elected a board of directors, and applied for non-profit status with the IRS.

In July 2010 the SSDS University Campus moved to its new home at Marvin Memorial United Methodist Church.  Our objectives in making this move were to find an engaging and safe place for our school at a convenient location and at a reasonable cost.  At Marvin Memorial, we were able to achieve all three of these goals.  The new space offers bigger, brighter classrooms, more office space, a much larger social hall.  We have also built a new, environmentally friendly playground.