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COVID Considerations

Here at Silver Spring Day School, we are committed to keeping our families as safe as possible.  We are taking necessary precautions as well as implementing specific policies that will aid in a safe re-opening for our school.  Keeping in mind that this situation is ever changing and the need to be flexible based on recommendations + guidelines from the county, state, and CDC is important – below is an overview of our COVID protocols as well as safety measures in regards to programming and parent participation that we will implement this school year:

How will it affect the programs being offered? 

  • SSDS will be able to offer only our Core Program classes (two-year-old through preK daily classes), plus limited spaces in our Little University program (1:30 pm – 3:30 pm).  There will be no Early Bird or Stay & Play.  We hope to be able to offer more add-on options once COVID-19 guidelines have been lifted.
  • There will be smaller class sizes with 2 teachers in each class.
  • There will be no co-mingling of program cohorts.
  • Activities and snack/lunch times will be set up to encourage distance between children and eating outside when possible.

How will it affect my tuition? 

  • Due to Covid guidelines, we will not be able to have parents participate in the class this fall.  Therefore all students will be charged 1/2 of the “opt-out” fee amount ($1,600) of $800.

How will it affect the parent participatory nature of the school? 

  • Unfortunately parent participation will not be allowed this fall.  However, although they may look a little different, parent jobs will still be part of a family’s responsibility. And we welcome your creative ideas to support a strong community even under the circumstances.

What are the mandates around vaccinations? 

  • COVID vaccination are required for all staff (including subs) and any parents/approved caregivers entering the building for drop off & pick up with the exception of any people with medical conditions who cannot be vaccinated.  Should we have a staff person with a medical exemption then we will require regular and frequent testing.  For unvaccinated parents/caregivers doing drop off or pick up we will coordinate for those to be outside.

Will I need to take a Covid test before starting school? 

  • All staff and students + any parents/approved caregivers entering the building for drop off & pick up will test for Covid prior to the first day of school (test should be taken within 72 hours of the 1st day of school) and will provide the admin office with documentation of negative test result.  Thereafter we will have staff and families test and provide documentation of negative results after major breaks such as Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break and Memorial Day Weekend.

What are your rules surrounding travel? 

  • For travel outside of Maryland and it’s adjacent jurisdictions (Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Washington, DC), staff and students will receive a Covid test within 72 hours of travel and quarantine while awaiting results.  If the decision is to not be tested, then individuals will stay home and self-quarantine for 10 days after travel.

What additional safety measure are being taken? 

  • Masks worn by staff + children when not eating.  SSDS will have extras at school for anyone who does not have an extra.  Parents will be asked to pack extras in backpacks.
  • Separate entrances for 2s, 3s and PreK programs for drop off and pick up.
  • Daily Temperature and symptom checks for staff & students/any adult doing drop off or pick, and continual  monitoring throughout the day.  Children who develop symptoms during the day will be separated from the group.  Parents will be called for pick up.  Staff will be separated and will go home as well should they develop symptoms.
  • More hand washing built into the day.
  • Cleaning toys after use and limiting item sharing.
  • Continued deep cleans at the end of the day and throughout the year.
  • Thorough bathroom wipe downs and designated bathrooms for various classes.
  • Windows opened and fans/air purifiers available in all classrooms for circulation

How does SSDS determine when to exclude people with COVID/symptoms and close contacts?

  • SSDS follows the Maryland Department of Health P-12 School and Child Care COVID-19 Guidance and their decision making tool. SSDS collaborates with state and local health departments to report and provide information about any cases.  If your child is feeling sick, please contact the office!

Where do I go for COVID resources to get information about symptoms, testing, vaccinations, and other?

SSDS Important Google Forms:


We will continue to follow MSDE Covid guidance for early childhood/preschool centers and update as necessary.  We appreciate your patience during this time as we continue to evaluate and consider our necessary steps for a safe opening.  Please reach out with any additional questions in regards to our COVID protocols + safety plans.