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Parent Jobs

Classroom-based or School-wide Jobs

Each family can volunteer to take on a leadership or committee chairmanship or be assigned a job which supports the classroom, school or yearlong fundraising events. Families with more than one child attending are assigned a position for each student enrolled. Parents may not sign up for the same duty for each child’s class. Although non co-oping parents are exempt from assisting in the classroom, they are not exempt from fulfilling their obligations to hold a position. Failure to participate in school-wide fundraising events—or any other committee—subjects a family to possible penalties, including fines and in rare cases, even expulsion.

No one job is more important than the other. Families will represent their class(es) as they participate in each SSDS event, becoming a part of the class community.  Parent jobs are the “PTA” of our program –- they are the means to fundraising, community building, and cost cutting.  Our families are essential to SSDS!

Homeroom Parent

  • foster communication among parents by facilitating quarterly coffees or brown bags and working with Community Relations committee on ideas to promote partnerships with local businesses, schools, etc.
  • attend Parent Support Committee meetings quarterly to meet with director and discuss pertinent school issues (either HR or Scheduler)
  • with Scheduler, welcome and orient new families who join after beginning of the school year
  • with Scheduler, help set up and clean up the ice cream social and scoop ice cream during the event
  • although optional, organize a teacher gift at holiday time and at the end of the year
  • assist teachers with coordination of moving on ceremony (preK only)


  • contact families in early August to identify preferences for co-oping and create co-op schedule in accordance with office template; adjust schedule accordingly if family leaves or new family enters class
  • organize and plan summer social events for class; ideas include play dates at playgrounds or a potluck picnic for families
  • set up, update and distribute phone trees to families and school office; assist the teacher and office in communicating with class by activating phone tree whenever other communication is needed; contact families over the summer to verify contact information for the directory and phone tree; report any changes to the office
  • with HR parent welcome and orient new families who join after beginning of the school
  • attend Parent Support Committee meetings quarterly to meet with director and discuss pertinent school issues (either HR or Scheduler)


In addition to the jobs listed above, each class will have a representative who will support the following fundraisers.


  • Overall Chair (1) – Coordinates and oversees all aspects of event; Post event duties include working with Admin to send out thank you letters to all vendors who donated materials
  • Event Coordinators (2) – Works with SSDS Admin to publicize event, decorations, lay-out of space, contact vendors related to entertainment, moon bounce, etc.; Assists with set up and clean up
  • Food Coordinator – Coordinate all aspects of food: tables, set up, menu selection, delivery, distribution and purchase, coordinate volunteer sign up and shifts and assist in set-up and clean-up
  • Games Coordinators (2) – Identify games, obtain necessary equipment, supplies and prizes; coordinate game stations and ensure volunteer shift coverage at event; assist in clean up
  • Bake Sale Coordinators (2) – Coordinates bake sale, including planning and preparing items; Assists with set up and clean up
  • Parent/Student Volunteer Coordinator – Identifies, communicates with, and schedules assignments, and supervises teenage SSL volunteers; Works with coordinators to ensure parent volunteer shifts are covered by Octoberfest committee members; Assists with set up and clean up
  • Support Committee Members – Supports chair and coordinators; Assists with tasks prior to, on or after day of event

Plant Sale

  • Co-Chairs (2) – Oversee planning and coordination of this event; Publicizes and promotes event; Liaise with nursery and school
  • Logistics Coordinator – Distribute order forms in late winter to be presented to nursery; Tracks orders; Coordinates sales of extra plants week after event
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Coordinate committee member and SSL student volunteer shifts the day of; Coordinate sale of baked goods, coffee, and other items with Bake Sale Coordinator; Assist with day-of sales and activities
  • Bake Sale/Merchandise Coordinator – Liaise with chair to ensure successful coordination of sale and purchase of baked items, coffee, and other items, and work with the vendors for donations
  • Support Committee – Assist Chairs and Committee with all aspects of the Sale throughout year and on day of event

Spring Social & Auction

  • Solicitation Coordinators (2) – Acquisition of donations and ads, plus follow-up thank yous; Oversee SSDS parents/families donations (gather, package, store, transport); Plan Auction sub-committee meetings
  • Data Systems Coordinators (2) – Enter all businesses being solicited into auction database; Enter all donations and ads into the auction database; Generate auction catalog; Generate bid sheets, package envelopes, gift certificates, and reports; Oversee the night of “behind the scenes” exchequer/cashier functions
  • Event Coordinators (2) – Secure auction venue and coordinate all site details; Coordinate with the event’s caterer; Coordinate decorations, layout the tables, items, bid sheets, etc.; Oversee event set-up through clean-up; Work with Auctioneer for Live Auction; Coordinating volunteer shifts of the day
  • Graphic Designers (2) – Design promotional materials and catalog; Design Auction website; Support Chairs and Coordinators throughout the year and on day of event
  • Support Committee – Support Chair and Coordinators throughout the school year with above tasks; Attend all required planning meetings; Assist on day of event

Additional support is needed in the following areas.

Staff Appreciation

  • Coordinate and organize Welcome Back Breakfast and Mid Year Luncheon for staff
  • Maintain goodie boxes and organize birthday card distribution for all staff
  • Inventory and purchase of all supplies associated with committee (sugar, creamer, paper plates, napkins, etc.)
  • Coordinate refreshments, set up and clean up and contributing food, drink item, paper supplies for school for the following events: Clean-Up Day (UC and NHC), Ice Cream Social (UC and NHC), Octoberfest bake sale, and End of Year Picnic

Playground & Maintenance

  • Fill and clean sandbox
  • Tune, repair and maintain bikes, wagons, and other school equipment
  • Weed garden, trim trees, rake leaves and spread mulch
  • Attend 3 Saturday clean-up days

School Photo Librarian

  • support teaching staff with photography needs
  • maintain SSDS Snapfish accounts
  • provide support for Auction slideshow presentation

Graphic Design Support

  • Must have design experience and access to design software.
  • Work with SSDS admin to change and update publicity materials.
  • Layout and production of Annual Report.
  • This job can be done almost exclusively from home.