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Parental Involvement

At Silver Spring Day School the spirit of cooperation and community makes it a special place for all. Parents who are actively involved also become part of the school’s strong surrounding community. Children benefit, because parental involvement shows them that their school is valuable and important. Parents participate directly in most aspects of the school, from administration to the classroom. A participatory school offers parents the opportunity to become personally engaged in their children’s education by helping in the classroom, determining the direction of the school, addressing issues of concern, and implementing change.

For parents who cannot fulfill co-oping responsibilities, SSDS offers a limited number of non-co-op participation spaces. Our non-co-oping families make up approximately one-quarter of the class enrollment. Parents who do not co-op are a welcome addition to our community, and have other duties and responsibilities. SSDS depends on all of its parents to be committed to the growth and spirit of our school.