Kate Waterfall
3s Assistant

Kate is originally from the northern Midwest - a farmer's daughter with a love of big sky and fresh green lakes. Kate earned a bachelor's degree in communications from the University of Missouri while spending many years as a part-time bartender. After a long- term career in television & film production, Kate took some time off to stay at home with her SSDS alumni son. When her son was firmly established in elementary school, Kate decided to choose a new career path working with small children - since they are more fun than and easier to work with than actors and directors! Deep down Kate is really just a big goofball who loves to sing, dance and make silly voices, so it just seems like a natural fit. She is also a professional voice artist (there was even a rock band back in the day) and certified yoga instructor - who tries (and usually fails) to fit in a bit of each of those things on the side.