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Daily Program

Our daily program provides:

  • A familiar rhythm of indoor play, circle time, snacks, and outdoor activity.
  • Indoor play choices—blocks, puzzles, play dough, paints, dress-ups, water and sand play, crafts and cooking.
  • Circle time features stories, songs, finger plays.
  • Outdoors, children climb, swing, ride tricycles & scooters, dig for dinosaur bones, and build sandcastles.
  • Read more about our Program Options in Admissions »

Our 2s are coming to school for the first time. They learn to say goodbye to mom and dad. They attach their trust and emotions to other caring adults.

As 3s, children become more aware of the other children around them. They continue to play alone but begin to make friends with their classmates.

Our 4 year olds begin to build self confidence and independence. They play more collaboratively and are able to focus for longer periods of time.

Our pre-kindergarten students have opportunities to use the outside world as their classroom. More formalized instruction is used to prepare our students for kindergarten


In addition to the enriching classroom experience, SSDS offers classes in art, music, Spanish and drama as part of its curriculum. These special classes are offered bi-weekly or monthly and are taught by our very talented specials teachers. Read more about Specials in Programs »


Every day at SSDS is a special day but sometimes we add just a little bit more. SSDS strives to offer a variety of opportunities for our students and parents. Each year, teachers volunteer to work together to plan school-wide “SSDS Days” that are fun for the children. An SSDS Day is scheduled on two different days so all children can participate. SSDS Days might include: a Halloween parade, Pizza & Pajama Day, St. Patrick’s Day Hunt, Earth Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Read more about SSDS Days in Programs »

In-house Field Trips

Every year SSDS plans several in-house field trips for the children to enjoy. These field trips include storytellers, puppet shows, musicians, storytellers, magicians and the Catoctin State Park Scales and Tails program. Read more about In-House Field Trips in Programs »