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Building Access

Being responsible for the children of SSDS is an awesome task that requires parents, teachers and staff to be diligent at all times whether it be at drop-off, pick-up or while in the classrooms or the playground.

Children are not permitted to run in the hallways or on the stairs for safety reasons. Please encourage your child and those you see to use the handrail on the right hand side of the stairs. Fire doors and custodial closet doors MUST be kept closed at all times.

When leaving the building, a classroom or the playground after drop-off or pick-up, parents should make sure that their child or any other child has not followed them. If parents notice ANY child unattended, please make sure that you find the nearest teacher or bring that child directly to the administrative office.

When entering and leaving the building, do not hold the door for anyone that you do not know. Outside doors and stairwell doors are to be kept closed at all times and may NEVER be propped open. Please only enter and exit the building at SSDS designated entrances. The church’s red doors will be used when monitored by SSDS staff only on inclement weather days. Please do not use otherwise.

PreK students are dropped off on the playground each morning (except on inclement weather days) and are picked-up in their classrooms in the afternoon.

2s and 3s enter through the main entrance located at the southwest corner of the building at the intersection of Colesville Rd. and University Blvd. East.

In inclement weather, three building entrances can be used:

  • main entrance
  • playground entrance
  • red doors under the church portico (on University Blvd. Eastbound side)

The main, playground and small parking lot entrances (as well as all exterior doors) are locked at all times and are accessed by using a key pad code that will be distributed to SSDS families at the beginning of the school year and changed at least once per year. Those who do not have the access code must use the intercom at the main (“33”) or playground entrances to enter the building. The main entrance is the only door that should be used unless a family is scheduled for in-classroom participation, in which case participating families must park in the small parking lot facing Woodmoor Shopping Center and enter through the large white doors.

Under no circumstances should children be allowed or encouraged to touch or use keypads located inside and outside the building.

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