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Class Placement

Each year the teaching staff, with support from the Executive Director, determines the make-up of each class. Careful thought is given to forming each class and a variety of criteria is used but not limited to in-classroom participation option, gender balance, age of child, and each child’s learning style. SSDS does not honor parents’ specific teacher requests. However, parents can submit a statement describing their child’s learning style directly to the Executive Director, who in turn, will share the statement with the teaching staff to determine a child’s placement. Parents with twins will work directly with SSDS to determine if siblings are to be placed in the same class or separated. SSDS does not take requests for cousins or best friends to be placed together.

SSDS is not staffed to accommodate students that require an individualized education/class plan. If it becomes apparent that the behavior and needs of the student are greater than the structure provided, a meeting with the Executive Director and child’s teachers will be scheduled. Based on the student’s needs, all SSDS families have a responsibility to their child(ren), the class and the school community to find the most appropriate class environment. In a small number of cases, this may require leaving SSDS.

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