Policies & FAQ

Children and participating parents should wear clothes that are comfortable and can get dirty. Shoes and boots should be appropriate for active play. Children need to be ready for outdoor play and walks (we do walk in the snow). The staff recommends that children wear boots in winter and early spring when the ground is wet. Please LABEL all clothing that belongs to your child. SSDS maintains a lost and found area – please check with the office if you are missing something. After a period of time, all unclaimed items are donated to a local charity. Parents should always pack an extra set of clothing, underwear and shoes for their child to have available in their school bag.

SSDS understands the importance of outdoor play and schedules up to an hour a day for each class to be on our playground. We do consider the wind-chill and heat index in our planning but work towards some amount of outdoor play each day. Parents should make sure their children are prepared for colder and warmer temperatures.

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