Policies & FAQ
Drop-off and Pick-up

Morning Drop-off

All children who attend SSDS are to be escorted by an adult to their respective classrooms (preK students start on the playground) and are not to be dropped off at the school entrance door. At drop-off each parent must  Sign In/Out by initialing the class attendance sheet.

This procedure ensures that transitions at the beginning and the end of each day are safe for your child. Special arrangements should be communicated to the teacher and noted on the sign in/out sheet at this time. Signing in lets the teacher know that your child has arrived. Parents should strive towards getting their child to school on time. The flow of the day is determined at the beginning of each day as children choose playmates and activities. Children who are consistently late have a hard time making the transition into the classroom when the day has already begun without them. This can be a disruptive situation for all the children in the class. SSDS wants every day to be a success for your child – arriving on time helps ensure a positive experience for everyone.

Afternoon Pick-up

Parents and authorized individuals are asked to pick-up their child immediately at the end of class. Children often become quite distressed if a parent or designated person does not pick them up on time. Families who carpool may wish to pick-up notices and treasures from children’s folders and bags and take them to the car before classes let out in order to expedite pick-up.

At the end of the class, children should be collected from their classrooms or the playground, and signed out, so that the teacher knows that the child is leaving. This step is necessary and important for safety reasons. Once you have signed your child or carpool buddy out, it is your responsibility to supervise the children. Assessments and possible removal from the school can result when parents are consistently late picking up their child. SSDS understands that unexpected situations arise which are beyond anyone’s control.

If you are unable to pick your child up and have arranged for someone else to do so, please inform the teacher in writing of these arrangements. If the person who is picking up your child has not been noted on the sign-in/out sheet or on your pick-up authorization form, you will need to send an email or call the SSDS Office stating who is picking up your child.

Late Pick-up

Please call the administrative office, not your child’s teacher, as soon as you know that you will be late. If families arrive after the designated pick-up time, they will be issued a $1/per minute late pick up fine. Late pick-up fines of $3/minute apply to Extended Day and Summer Discovery.

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