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Field Trips

Every year SSDS plans several in-house field trips for the children to enjoy. These field trips include storytellers, puppet shows, musicians, and wildlife adventures. All “SSDS Days” and in-house field trips are included in the cost of each child’s annual tuition.

PreK and 4-day classes have field trips outside the school each year. Parents who agree to chaperoning/driving must have an individual seat belt for each passenger and have appropriate car insurance. Parents must provide a car seat and locking clip (if necessary) for their own children as required by law. Parents must also return a signed permission slip to the field trip coordinator before the child will be allowed to participate in any trip. If a signed permission slip is not returned, staff will notify parents to pick their children up from school on the day of the trip. Car seats that must be left at SSDS should be placed in the designated area as determined by the teacher and labeled with the child’s name. All field trip drivers must provide copies of proof of auto insurance and valid driver’s license and submit to the administrative office.  Field trips in the younger classes are limited and require all parents to participate.

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