Policies & FAQ

As a parent participatory school, SSDS welcomes all families to play an active role in caring for children alongside our educators. In order to ensure the safety of our students and maintain compliance with Maryland State Law, SSDS requires that all adults supervising or caring for children at SSDS must be fingerprinted and undergo an FBI and MD criminal history background check. 

This includes, but may not be limited to adults who will be:

  • choosing a HALF or FULL In-Class Participation option
  • volunteering or substituting in the classrooms
  • assisting the class on field trips and/or driving children on field trips
  • taking responsibility for SSDS students during school hours or activities 

With full respect for and recognition of the fact that some SSDS families may not take on such roles, parents have the option to opt out of fingerprinting, with the expressed knowledge that in doing so they will not be able to engage in activities for which fingerprinting is required.  Adults who only come to visit the classroom for special occasions such as birthdays or parties do not need to be fingerprinted, but may not take responsibility for any children other than their own during their visit.

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