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Food, Allergies, and Intolerances

SSDS has strict policies in place to assure the safety of children with serious allergies or a medical condition. It is required that the Medication Administration and Food Allergy Policy form be initialed and signed by the parent or guardian of children with medication at the school.

Any child who requires that medication be kept or administered here at SSDS must come to the Office to get additional information and receive the required paperwork. Under no circumstances should parents provide medication in a child’s lunch, drink, etc. All medication needs to be administered in the Office and under the supervision of an SSDS staff member.

A list of children and their respective allergies is posted in all classrooms at the beginning of the school year. The list includes those students who keep epi-pens in the classroom and/or the school Office. Parents should familiarize themselves with this list.

Cooking and Food

Parents of children with allergies should be aware of special days during the school year when food may be served by the school or other parents (such as after the Halloween celebrations, Pizza/PJ days, cooking in the classroom and birthday celebrations in the classroom) and discuss an alternate menu with your child’s teacher. Additionally, throughout the course of the year, teachers may incorporate cooking into lesson plans. Whenever possible, teachers adhere to healthy choices. When cooking is planned, teachers will communicate this clearly to parents at the beginning of the month in the lesson plans. If parents have certain restrictions on a child’s diet, it is imperative that the parent remains attentive to the lesson plans for the month and plan accordingly on scheduled cooking days. Parents can choose to bring in an alternate snack for the child for that day if they are opposed to the class’ cooking project or to keep the child home that day. SSDS values nutrition and healthy options but there are times when not all projects are sugar-free.

Parents/guardians are responsible for providing their child an individual snack each day in addition to the child’s lunch. There will be no sharing of snacks or other foods between children. If your child has allergies to other foods besides nuts, a list of snacks that are safe for your child to eat must be provided to the SSDS Office and your child’s teacher.

Lactose Intolerance

Parents of children in this situation should speak directly to the teacher about when dairy products can be offered. If pills are necessary for the child, a medication form must be completed and be on file in the Office. Parents can choose to provide their own dairy-free beverage and store it in a school refrigerator.

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