Policies & FAQ
In-classroom Participation Day Responsibilities


Parents are responsible for providing milk for their child’s class during their assigned week. This will be included as part of the in-classroom participation schedule prepared by the classroom Scheduler. If your child does not drink milk, please be sure to provide an alternative beverage for him/her.

Parking on a In-classroom Participation Day

2s and 3s participating parents must park in the smaller lot, accessed from University Blvd. Westbound (across from Woodmoor Shopping Center) or Colesville Road Northbound. Spaces are specifically marked for parents. Please do not park in church designated spaces. PreK participating parents park in the large parking lot in the designated parent spaces. On double in-classroom participation days, parent #1 parks in the small lot; parent #2 parks in the big lot in a spot farthest away from the building near the dumpster.

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