Policies & FAQ
One-on-One Policy

The majority of a staff member’s or volunteer’s time at SSDS is spent in the company of children and other adults.

If it is necessary for an adult to be alone with a child, doors must be left open and adults are asked to stay within sight of other adults whenever possible.  The adult should inform other staff that they are alone with a child and ask them to randomly drop in.  Adults should never be alone in any room with a child with the door locked or the lights turned off.

If possible, adults should bring more than one child to the bathroom at a time.  Exterior doors to children’s bathrooms and changing areas must be left open. Only SSDS bathrooms should be used (not church bathrooms).

SSDS requires that at least two adults be on premises at all times when children are being cared for.

Adults should document and immediately report any unusual incidents, including disclosures of abuse or maltreatment, severe behavior problems and how they were handled, severe injuries, or any interactions that might be misinterpreted, using the SSDS Reportable Child Incident Form.

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