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Parent Jobs

Classroom-based or School-wide Jobs
Each family can volunteer to take on a leadership or committee chairmanship or be assigned a job which supports the classroom, school or yearlong fundraising events. Families with more than one child attending are assigned a position for each student enrolled. Parents may not sign up for the same duty for each child’s class. Although non co-oping parents are exempt from assisting in the classroom, they are not exempt from fulfilling their obligations to hold a position. Failure to participate in school-wide fundraising events—or any other committee—subjects a family to possible penalties, including fines and in rare cases, even expulsion.

No one job is more important than the other. Families will represent their class(es) as they participate in each SSDS event, becoming a part of the class community. Parent jobs are the “PTA” of our program –- they are the means to fundraising, community building, and cost cutting. Our families are essential to SSDS!


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