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Policies & FAQ
What is a Parent Participatory School?

At SSDS, we believe in the value of families participating in the school environment – creating a community and a partnership of learning amongst faculty, children, and parents.  It is our mission to jointly create an environment that is worthy of young children’s exploration: an environment in which children will encounter many questions to ponder, many materials with which to experiment, many opportunities to experience, and many relationships to build.  By providing this type of content rich environment, we facilitate children’s ability to create their own understandings, and to add to them over time, thereby constructing their knowledge.  By including our families in the daily life of our school, we enable children to place this knowledge within a broader community context.

Families participate in our school in multiple ways.  Every family must take on one parent job for each child enrolled.  Families also have the opportunity to participate in the classroom on a rotating basis as parent participants.

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