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Finding a Replacement on your in-classroom participation day

Parents are responsible for finding their own replacements if they cannot fulfill their in-classroom participation commitment. The best way to find a replacement is to make a phone call rather than relying on e-mail or text message. If all efforts to find a replacement fail, the parent should call the Scheduler. The Scheduler may, at their discretion, assist in finding an emergency replacement. It is permissible to have two parents split the day. SSDS assistants, nannies and caregivers are not acceptable substitutes for in-classroom participation. However, parents from other classes can swap scheduled days. In some cases with enough notice, the administrative staff may be able to find a substitute for the shift. If the school finds a substitute, the parent who was unable to participate will be responsible for reimbursing the school the $75 substitute fee. If a volunteer does not materialize or the school cannot identify a substitute, it is left to the discretion of SSDS as to whether the class will run or be cancelled.

Participating parents who miss their scheduled day will be fined a $75 missed shift fee. If a parent fails to show for a second scheduled shift, s/he will be fined the non-participation fee of $250, in addition to the substitute fee of $75. A third incident will result in the immediate removal of your child from the school. Whenever a parent fails to show for their scheduled shift, the teacher must have all the parents stay with the class until someone agrees to substitute. If no one is available to stay or substitute then the class could be canceled. Paying another parent to cover your shift is against the spirit of in-classroom participation at SSDS and will not be tolerated. Please plan to switch days with another family or in the worst-case scenario, contact the office to attempt to find a substitute.

Parents are responsible for helping find a substitute teacher or volunteering to substitute teach in the case of a last-minute illness, emergency, or when SSDS, after a thorough attempt, cannot locate a substitute teacher. Any parent who would like to be placed on the list of available substitute teachers should contact the Office. Substitutes should expect to receive little to no advance notice for the request to substitute. At the completion of their day, substitutes must complete a “Check Request/Expense Reimbursement” form (available online) in order to be compensated for their time.

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