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School Closings and Early Releases

SSDS follows the Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) policy for inclement weather and school delays/closings. In general, when MCPS is closed due to inclement weather, SSDS will also be closed. When MCPS opens one hour late, SSDS will also open one hour late; two hours late, SSDS will open two hours late. Classes that normally end at 12:30 pm will stay in session one hour longer, until 1:30 pm. Early Bird will still be available but delayed accordingly. When MCPS announces an early closure, SSDS will monitor the situation and make a decision separate from MCPS on a case-by-case basis. Little University and Extended Day programs will be cancelled for the afternoon if SSDS closes early. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to know about early closings. While SSDS follows MCPS’ decisions on closures and delays, SSDS will not make up days missed due to inclement weather. Announcements regarding closures/delays will be sent in a school-wide text and email.

The safety of your children is paramount at SSDS. SSDS is required by the Office of Child Care to have an emergency preparedness plan in place. The Executive Director, or person designated to act in her place, will determine when an emergency situation exists and institute the appropriate response actions. In the case of a fire, bomb threat, flood or other major building problem, the fire alarm will be activated and teachers will evacuate their children under constant supervision and meet in their designated area outside the building. If it is determined that it is not safe to remain near the building after the evacuation or there is a more widespread threat such as a chemical spill or widespread fire, the children will be escorted under teacher supervision to Blair High School.

In the case of a sudden mass-ordered evacuation such as in a declared state of emergency, the children will leave the building under the supervision of their teachers to a mass shelter as determined by the Red Cross. In the event of a natural emergency, i.e., tornado, severe storms, or a hazardous airborne chemicals incident outside the school facility, the children and other occupants of the building will seek shelter in the prearranged designated area in the building.

Each classroom is supplied with basic emergency supplies such as water and first aid kits. If your child is on daily medication, SSDS requires that you have a three-day supply on hand at the school. Parents will be notified as soon as safely possible of emergency situations by activation of one or more of the following communication systems: SSDS text messaging system, email, website, Facebook, and class phone tree.

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