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What are the requirements to participate in the classroom?

As a Parent Participatory School, SSDS welcomes all families to play an active role in caring for children alongside our educators.  They are there to be part of the life of the classroom and should be encouraged to participate in all aspects of the classroom day – both curricular and administrative.  The relationship building that can happen during participation is truly valued at SSDS.

Parent participants arrive 15 minutes before class begins and should be prepared to stay as late as 30 minutes after class ends to help clean up.  Parent participants are responsible for helping with the necessary tasks in the classroom that the teacher will clearly lay out ahead of time – both at back to school night and the day of the shift.

Families who sign up for Full in-class Participation should expect to participate 12 times per year.  Families who sign up for Half in-class Participation should expect to participate 6 times per year.  Families who sign up for Quarter in-class Participation should expect to participate 3 times per year.

Parent participants are not included in the consideration of adult-child ratios.  All classrooms are staffed with SSDS Faculty sufficient to meet legal ratio requirements. 

Approved Parent Participants Must:

  • be fingerprinted
  • be medically cleared and have a Medical Report for Child Care form on file
  • undergo an FBI and MD criminal history background check
  • complete the SSDS online Child Abuse Prevention Training

In the event that anything on the background checks or medical report indicates that it is not safe for the adult to be responsible for children, said adult will not be approved for participation or be responsible for children other than their own.


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