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What are the Requirements to Participate?

At SSDS, each teacher has carefully crafted the curriculum to ensure the best possible play and learning environment for children. The parent participant supports the teacher by assisting her and the children throughout the day. At the beginning of the year, each teacher clearly defines overall volunteer duties. The teacher also informs parents of specific responsibilities each time they participate. At Back to School Night, all teachers will give parents a list of classroom expectations and rules.

Approved Parent Participants must:

  • be fingerprinted;
  • be medically cleared and have a Medical Report for Child Care form on file;
  • take part in an FBI and state background check;
  • understand and speak English;
  • maintain flexibility with regard to which day they are available to participate. For example, if a parent’s preferred day to participate is Friday, but several other parents have also requested Friday as their preferred day, then each parent should agree to participate on another day of the week from time-to-time in order to allow the Scheduler to be fair to everyone in assigning participation days;
  • arrive 15 minutes before class begins and be prepared to stay as late as 30 minutes after class ends to help clean up. Treat your participation days as you would your job. Teachers rely on parents to help set up for the day before children arrive. Consistent late arrival, early departure or not fulfilling responsibilities will result in payment of fines and possible removal from the school;
  • agree not to use a cellphone during their participation shift; and
  • park in the designated small parking lot only; participant #1 parks in small lot and participant #2 parks in big lot.
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