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Policies & FAQ
Does the school provide lunch & snacks?


Children bring their own lunch. Staff does not microwave lunches. Be sure to store food in proper containers. Lunches should be ready to eat when children open their lunch boxes. Please remember the no nut policy. SSDS refrigerates all perishable lunch items. Parents will be given information at the beginning of the school year on where to place their child’s perishable items. 1% organic milk and water are available to all children each day. SSDS does not supply cutlery or condiments for lunch.


Parents/guardians are responsible for providing their child an individual snack each day in addition to the child’s lunch. (If staying for afternoon programming, an additional snack will be provided).  There will be no sharing of snacks or other foods between children. If your child has allergies to other foods besides nuts, a list of snacks that are safe for your child to eat must be provided to the SSDS Office and your child’s teacher.

All parents (including non participation) are responsible for providing 1% organic milk for their child’s class during their assigned week. This will be included as part of the co-op schedule prepared by the classroom Scheduler.

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