Policies & FAQ
Staying Informed


Every parent who has access to email is on our school- and committe-wide email distribution lists. Information is passed along to parents via email regularly. Because this is our primary mode of communication, please be sure that the most current email address is on file with the administrative staff. We ask that families not “replay all” to messages sent from the SSDS administrative office. If parents have concerns about the message sent, they should email a staff member directly.


Every parent’s cell phone number is added at the beginning of the school year to a master list. Texting is used primarily for emergencies, weather related closings, and any other information that needs to get to parents quickly. This is a “no reply” mode of communication.

Student Folders

Each child has an individual folder where flyers, announcements, and other important information will be filed for parents to access. Some teachers have red hanging folder pockets outside each of their classrooms or in the hallways, while others might have a file folder carrier. Parents are expected to check their child’s folder regularly.

Website, Facebook, Yahoo group and Twitter

Visit silverspringdayschool.org for current information. We invite parents to “like” the SSDS Facebook page, join the yahoo group and follow SSDS on Twitter, which can be done on the homepage of the website.

Parent coffees and brown bag lunches

Once per year the Board of Directors conducts brown bag lunches open to all current SSDS families. The lunches provide a forum for the Board to update families on past, current or upcoming school developments, future planning, and for families to pose questions concerning guidelines, policies or other school-related matters.

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