Admissions for the 24-25 School Year!
Elizabeth Lawrence
Floating Assistant

Elizabeth got her degree in psychology before starting her downsizing and estate sale business. In 2017 when her first child was born, Elizabeth was overjoyed to start her new career as a stay-at-home mom. When it was time to find a preschool, Elizabeth and her husband were lucky enough to hear about SSDS.

Both of Elizabeth’s children have loved their time at SSDS. Meanwhile, Elizabeth enjoyed her parent participation so much that when she realized she couldn’t be a parent participant EVERY day, she became an assistant teacher.

Elizabeth is a strong believer in the importance of social-emotional education and supporting childrens’ natural inclination to explore, play, and question.

When not at SSDS, Elizabeth loves going on outings with her family (bonus points for places with animals!), spending time at the beach, and watching British television.