Admissions for the 24-25 School Year!
Jackie DeFreitas
3s Assistant

Jackie finally landed in Silver Spring with her family in 2016 after bopping around other DC locations for about 10 years. When she enrolled her 2-year-old daughter at SSDS, she noticed they were also hiring Assistant Teachers! Tired of her corporate grind in marketing, she applied and happily joined the 3s class with Ms Lesley that year. However with the birth of her son the next year, Jackie left the classroom but could not stay away from the new family she made at SSDS and joined the Board of Directors. After serving her 3 year-term, while also subbing for the teachers, she is so excited to be back on the staff!

Growing up with a love for music, dance, and theater, Jackie plans to share these talents and passion with her students. Outside of the classroom, she can be found enjoying time with her two children, exercising along Sligo Creek Trail, attending shows/concerts, brushing up on her piano skills, reading for her book club, and trying to keep her garden alive.