Admissions for the 24-25 School Year!
Lee Anderegg
2s Lead

Lee fell in love with teaching preschoolers as a camp counselor in high school. She loved the campers curiosity and their innate desire to explore the world around them. Lee decided to get her BA in psychology and interned at a women's shelter working in the preschool.

After graduating from college, Lee became a preschool teacher and started a family. Lee has two adorable and spunky children, the youngest of whom is a recent "graduate" from SSDS. Lee has taught preschool in DC, Silver Spring, and Takoma Park, and created and taught many preschool STEAM classes. Lee loves inspiring children to explore their world, to learn about nature, and to become little architects, artists, musicians, storytellers, engineers, and scientists through hands-on activities and experiences. Lee believes that children learn through play, that preschool should be fun and exciting, and that it is okay to make a mess. In her free time, Lee enjoys hiking, camping, listening to live music, doing art projects, and gardening with her family.