Admissions for the 24-25 School Year!
Ruby Scott
Enrichment Program Assistant & Floater

Ruby is currently a senior at Montgomery Blair High School. She absolutely adores working at SSDS and believes it's an incredible place to watch children grow into their fullest potential and watch them flower into their own humans. Child care has been something she's been passionate about since she was in elementary school, starting with being a safety patrol for the Pre-k in the 5th grade! Her curiosity in children’s education and psychology pushed her to learn more about how young kids behave. In her spare time, she owns her own gardening business where she tends to others' gardens. You can also find her working at a small boutique in Takoma Park called Amano. Ruby is a beautifully optimistic person who loves to help others when in need. She's a proud cat mother to 2 cats and 1 kitten, loves to dance & enjoys arts and crafts, the beach and nature.