Ylla Bishop
2s/3s Lead; Social Media and Summer Coordinator

Ylla is an energetic teacher who loves to integrate movement and yoga in her class. She has a background in teaching children's yoga and while her education background is in Communication Arts and Non Profit Management most of her professional work has been in the area of children’s issues working on projects focused on early intervention and improvement of childhood disability policies and practices. Ylla started as a parent at SSDS and hung around the hallways too long after parent-participation shifts to where she landed the most incredible honor to teach at SSDS. The opportunity to teach is a great compliment to her interest in childhood issues as well as teaching kids yoga. In addition to teaching 2s/3s classes, Ylla is also the Little University Mini Yogi's Teacher. And as for her own children - who inspire her work- her daughter has since moved on from SSDS but her son graces the hallways now!