Admissions for the 24-25 School Year!

Our 2s are coming to school for the first time. They learn to say goodbye to mom and dad and attach their trust and emotions to other caring adults.  Learning to share, identifying big feelings, and the use of visual calendars and repeated routines help our 2s love to come to school – setting the stage for positive future learning and success.

There is a large emphasis on social/emotional development through emphasizing sharing, turn taking, developing empathy, collaboration, self control & perseverance.  Cognitive development through play in the areas of language development, number sense, sorting, colors/shapes/letters is also an emphasis in our 2s program.  

The 2s classes will each have a maximum of 12 students with 2 teachers & a parent participant.

*Potty training is not required in our 2s programs.*

Schedule & Fees
2 Day 2sTu, Th9:30 am - 1:30 pm$5,306/YearTurn two b/w Sep 2, 2023 - Sep 1, 2024
3 Day 2sM, W, F9:30 am - 1:30 pm$6,370/YearTurn two b/w Sep 2, 2023 - Sep 1, 2024
5 Day 2sM-F9:30 am - 1:30 pm$10,619/YearTurn two b/w Sep 2, 2023 - Sep 1, 2024
All dollar amounts rounded