The preK students practice social skills as well as additional school readiness skills, such as listening, math, language and writing.  More formalized instruction is used to prepare them for kindergarten.

The students have opportunities to use the outside world as their classroom.  In the context of a multicultural trip around the world, they are taught in themes as a way of developing a framework for ideas and skills they will learn later in their schooling.  This helps to develop reading comprehension as children with rich backgrounds of knowledge have a higher level of comprehension when learning to read.

In preK, there are more routines, independence is encouraged and more sophisticated play occurs.  Children at this age can follow multi-step directions too.

Within each country theme, we explore folktales, music, dress, foods, languages, artists and art forms, architecture and animals.  Activities incorporate practice of skills to work on handwriting, pre-literacy skills and math.

Fridays are open door days for the preK students.  This allows them to move independently, exploring different activities, while spending time with new and old friends.

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