Summer Discovery
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Please join us for Summer Discovery 2019!

June 17 through July 26 with a new session theme each week.

We are thrilled to launch a summer of –

Back to Basics: Keeping it Simple with Dirt, Rocks, Wood, Water, Metal, and Air.

Come discover the beauty and awe of dirt, rocks, wood, water, metal, and air this summer. We will simply have fun exploring and creating with different basic, natural elements.

Join current, incoming, and recent alumni students to play and explore. We have designed each week with a different theme to promote creativity and learning in a relaxed environment.

Unlike our school year program, our Summer Discovery program does not require parent participation.

Digging in DirtWeek 1: June 17-21

Dig, dig, dig! Come play, explore, and experiment with dirt, digging, and making mud. Get ready to get dirty and messy!

Clunking around with RocksWeek 2: June 24-28

Clunk, clunk, clunk! Come use your inquisitive mind to discover the solid beauty of rocks and be ready to explore all types of smooth, rough, large, and small rocks.

Building with WoodWeek 3: July 1-5; closed July 4

Build, build, build! Come with your strength to build and create with wood pieces of all shapes and sizes. It will be a fun week of designing wood towers, sculptures, and more.

Splashing in WaterWeek 4: July 8-12

Splash, splash, splash! Come delight and play in the wonders of water, explore sinking and floating, and beat the heat with ice. All you need is a little water to splish, splash the summer away.

Clinking on MetalWeek 5: July 15-19

Clink, clink, clink! Come ready to examine and tinker with simple metal materials. So many colors and textures to make musical instruments, jewelry, or cool upcycled creations.

Whooshing through the AirWeek 6: July 22-26

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh! Come use your creative mind and blowing breath to explore the science of hot air, gentle winds, floating bubbles, and twirling motion. Air can’t be seen, but we will feel it and hear it all around during this week.

Schedule & Fees
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Summer Discovery is open to SSDS current, incoming, and recent alumni students only.