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Tuition Assistance

The SSDS Tuition Assistance Program was created to provide support for a family that could benefit from SSDS and make a great addition to the school community but does not have the financial resources to attend. 

The maximum tuition assistance granted and paid by this fund is typically 25% of the total tuition for the academic year. The ultimate support offered is at the discretion of the Tuition Assistance Decision Committee. 

Tuition Fund applications are made available along with our new family admissions and returning family re-enrollment process which opens in late December. Tuition Fund applications are solely reviewed  by the Tuition Assistance Decision Committee which is composed of an SSDS Admin staff representative, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee Board members and Executive Board members. The Decision Committee will review each request on a case-by-case basis during our February review process. Any Tuition Assistance Decision Committee member who has either submitted a personal application and/or has an application that affects a family member is automatically required to recuse themselves from both the discussion as well as the vote. Any applications submitted after our initial February review process will be considered and reviewed by all members from the aforementioned groups that remain on the board plus the Executive Director and only if there are remaining, non-reserve, funds available for the applicable year. 

SSDS uses Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) child care scholarship income categories to determine eligibility for our Tuition Assistance awards.  Families who fall within the MSDE scholarship income categories may be eligible for SSDS Tuition Assistance. Income will be verified using pay stubs or similar documents from up to a 3-month window.

The tuition assistance fund is paid for through fundraising efforts organized by the school community. This is a long term funding initiative for which money is continuously raised each year. SSDS keeps a minimum of 25% of the total Tuition Assistance Fund in reserve in an effort to sustain the program year after year. As fundraising efforts increase, awards may increase accordingly to cover a larger percentage of the total tuition.