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Policies & FAQ
What are SSDS’s food policies?

No Nuts

SSDS community members are prohibited from bringing food containing tree nuts or peanuts into the school.

Snacks and Meals

Families in our core program are solely responsible for providing snacks and lunches for their own children.  SSDS will refrigerate perishables but does not microwave or otherwise heat food for children, so parents must provide food that is ready to eat.

SSDS will provide afternoon snacks for all children who stay for our afternoon programs.  Snacks will be provided in accordance with a monthly schedule.  Children may only be given SSDS food if their parents have provided permission in their online registration forms.


Families are responsible for providing 1% organic milk for their child’s class on a scheduled, rotating basis.  The class Scheduler will include the milk schedule on both the online and the printed versions of the class participation schedule.  If an individual child does not drink milk, the family must provide an alternative beverage for their child.

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