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What are SSDS’s immunization requirements?

In accordance with the Maryland COMAR sections,, and, SSDS will not allow children to attend SSDS who have not received all vaccinations required by the state of Maryland for children enrolled in preschool programs.  Parents must provide SSDS documentation of full immunization, signed by the child’s pediatrician.  The only exceptions to this rule are those stated in the above mentioned COMAR sections, as follows:

  • If a family presents SSDS with a licensed physician’s or health officer’s written statement that the student’s immunization against a disease is medically contraindicated, SSDS will admit the child.
  • If the student’s parent or guardian is unable to provide proof of immunization pursuant to the requirements, the student may be temporarily admitted, or may temporarily remain enrolled, if the student’s parent or guardian presents evidence of the student’s appointment with a health care provider to receive any missing immunizations.
  • In the event that a child is un-immunized or under-immunized in accordance with either of the above stated clauses, and a local outbreak or epidemic occurs of the diseases for which the child is un-immunized or under immunized, the child may be asked not to attend SSDS until the outbreak or epidemic has been declared over.

SSDS does not accept Religious Exemptions for immunizations.

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