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What are My Responsibilities as a Parent/Guardian?

Accessing the Building

Being responsible for the children of SSDS is an awesome task that requires parents, teachers and staff to be diligent at all times whether it be at drop-off, pick-up or while in the classrooms or the playground.

Children are not permitted to run in the hallways or on the stairs for safety reasons. Please encourage your child and those you see to use the handrail on the right hand side of the stairs. Fire doors and janitor closet doors MUST be kept closed at all times.

When leaving the building, a classroom or the playground after drop-off or pick-up, parents should make sure that their child or any other child has not followed them. If parents notice ANY child unattended, please make sure that you find the nearest teacher or bring that child directly to the Office.

When entering and leaving the building, do not hold the door for anyone that you do not know. Outside doors and stairwell doors are to be kept closed at all times and may NEVER be propped open. Please only enter and exit the building at SSDS designated entrances. The Church’s Red Doors will be used when monitored by SSDS staff only on inclement weather days. Please do not use otherwise.

Keeping your Child Home

We all want our children to be healthy! Children MUST stay at home if they have:

  • severe colds
  • green nasal discharge
  • vomited within the past 24 hours
  • pink eye
  • had a fever in the past 24 hours
  • head lice
  • diarrhea
  • a persistent cough

*Any thermometer reading above 99.8 degrees Fahrenheit is considered a fever.

Lunch/Snacks and Emergency Food

Staff does not microwave lunches, so Parents must be sure to provide food that is ready to eat when children open their lunch boxes. Please also remember the no nut policy. SSDS also does not supply cutlery or condiments for lunch.

Parents/Guardians are also responsible for providing their child an individual snack and 1% organic milk every day in addition to lunch.

At the beginning of each school year, teachers will give parents a large plastic bag with their child’s name printed on it. Parents will be responsible for packing a 3-day supply of non-perishable food to keep here at SSDS in case of an emergency. The food will be returned at the end of the school year.

For further information on food-related responsibilities, please refer to the FAQ entry “What Does my Child Need to Bring to School?”


Parents are responsible for providing milk for their child’s class during their assigned week. This will be included as part of the co-op schedule prepared by the classroom Scheduler. If your child does not drink milk, please be sure to provide an alternative beverage for him/her.

Afternoon Pick-ups and Late Pick-up

Parents and those individuals listed on the SSDS Pick-up Authorization/Allergy form are asked to pick-up their child immediately at the end of class. Children often become quite distressed if a parent or designated person does not pick them up on time. Families who carpool may wish to pick-up notices and treasures from children’s folders and bags and take them to the car before classes let out in order to expedite pick-up.

At the end of the class, children should be collected from their classrooms or the playground, and signed out, so that the teacher knows that the child is leaving. This step is necessary and important for safety reasons. Once you have signed your child or carpool buddy out, it is your responsibility to supervise the children. Assessments and possible removal from the school can result when parents are consistently late picking up their child. SSDS understands that unexpected situations arise which are beyond anyone’s control.

If you are unable to pick your child up and have arranged for someone else to do so, please inform the teacher in writing of these arrangements. If the person who is picking up your child has not been noted on the sign-in/out sheet or on your pick-up authorization form, you will need to send an email or fax to the SSDS Office stating who is picking up your child.

Please call the Office, not your child’s teacher as soon as you know that you will be late. If families arrive after the designated pick-up time, they will be issued a $1/per minute late pick up fine. Late pick-up fines of $3/minutes after 5:30pm apply to Extended Day.

Inclement Weather and School Closings

It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to know about early closings. While SSDS follows MCPS’ decisions on closures and delays, SSDS will not make up days missed due to inclement weather. Announcements regarding closures/delays will be sent in a school-wide text and email.

Parent Jobs

Parents who fail to successfully fulfill their job responsibilities are subject to a non-participation fine of $300.

Consistent late arrival, early departure or not fulfilling responsibilities will result in payment of fines and possible removal from the school.

Parents as Substitutes

Parents are responsible for helping find a substitute teacher or volunteering to substitute teach in the case of a last- minute illness, emergency, or when the Executive Director, after a thorough attempt, cannot locate a substitute teacher.

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