SSDS CLOSURE SSDS is closed for the 2020-2021 school year due to the ongoing Covid crisis. Stay tuned for various school community events to connect during this pause. And we can't wait to see you when we reopen again!
All About Our Preschool

Thank you for your interest in our school. Silver Spring Day School (SSDS) is a parent participatory preschool with over 150 children in classes designed for two-year-old to pre-kindergarten students. For over forty-five years, SSDS has remained steadfast in its belief that children learn best when they are actively engaged in their learning. Our program is designed to nurture and encourage children in all aspects of their development. Our play-based philosophy allows for just the right balance of challenge and fun. SSDS allows each child the opportunity to explore the world around them, build meaningful friendships, and make discoveries about themselves. This fosters a strong sense of independence and social awareness. Our goal is to guide and engage children into becoming well-balanced, productive, life-long learners.

SSDS bases its developmentally appropriate program on Jean Piaget’s theories of child development. We believe that young children are active learners. They need to manipulate and explore the world and then share their discoveries with friends and caring adults. At SSDS we provide numerous opportunities for these kinds of real-life experiences, offering challenge and fun in an atmosphere that allows children to learn at their own pace. Therefore, we prepare our class plans flexibly, to allow for individual differences among children. We strive to have children realize their individual potential and feel successful. Children at Silver Spring Day School develop positive images of themselves and build strong relationships with peers and adults.

We encourage you to explore our website and make plans to visit with us in person. We welcome the opportunity to show you around and answer any questions you have about us!

Board of Directors
Silver Spring Day School


Silver Spring Day School is a community of preschoolers, families, and early childhood educators who work to develop the whole child through a curriculum based in exploration and play. Together, we foster an environment where children, families, and educators share in the journey of life-long learning.

Our community shares the following priorities
For our children to
  • Gain confidence, independence, and take initiative
  • Develop resilience and self-control
  • Build positive relationships and social responsibility
For our families to
  • Share their talents with the school community
  • Participate actively in the classroom
  • Understand different facets of our children as they interact with others
  • Acquire new strategies to support our children’s development
For our staff to
  • Support SSDS in maintaining standards of excellence in teaching
  • Model developmentally appropriate practices
  • Exchange ideas and improve peer assistance in a collegial environment
  • Participate in ongoing professional development
SSDS is a school evolving to meet the needs of the community
In the Classroom
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Hello from Silver Spring Day School

We like to think of it as our “urban retreat.” The campus is nestled in the middle of a convenient, prime location in Silver Spring. You’ll find our students creating a hustle and bustle of activity in multiple classrooms. The hallways are lined with masterpieces created by little hands… through the double doors, you’ll hear the sounds of little voices in music class… and just outside, you’ll find parents lingering, creating the community feel that makes SSDS so special.

At the heart of the school is our nature-based playground. SSDS is leading the way in the state of Maryland, as schools begin to create natural spaces where there was once plastic, metal and asphalt. The centerpiece of the playground is the life-sized magical dragon, carved on-site from an old oak tree by one of the nation’s most famous carvers, Jim Calder. It’s a delight to watch the kids climb on, jump off, and even rest on the dragon’s massive wood body. Come check us out and see for yourself!

Teachers & Staff
Jen Blair President Jon Lever Vice President Scott Straub Treasurer Andrew Arthur Secretary Leigh Tivol Member Elisabeth O'Bryon Member Jackie DeFreitas Member Gina Junio Member Emily Sarsfield Member Seong Chi Member